You Have the Right to Wear White

We are listening. Between COVID and the current economy, we know people are struggling financially. So, we have reformatted the retreat into a two-day conference.

You Have the Right to Wear White is an event designed to help young women discover the beautiful gifts God has given them, the benefits of sexual purity, and their true worth and beauty in the eyes of God. It is a time for mothers and daughters to get away together and enjoy a weekend of fun and surprises as they grow in God’s love and in relationship with each other!

Our sessions are geared toward meeting people where they’re at and providing the tools they need to live out God’s call to purity. Our focus is on encouragement and healing, never on berating or judging young women for past choices. (After all, the reason many of us care so much is because of the mistakes we’ve made!) We believe it’s never too late to experience God’s best, so we welcome participants from all walks and backgrounds to come and learn about their heavenly Father’s plan for a better way.

You Have the Right to Wear White: Rewriting the story of purity one life at a time—spirit, mind and body.

Upcoming Events

Spring Conference: April 26 & 27, 2024

  • Location: 4922 53 Street, Red Deer, AB
  • Cost: $25 CAD per person (includes sessions, materials, snacks, Saturday lunch & Gala Ball dinner)


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